Sophia paints the sea

A feeling of tranquillity.

Watercolours on 300gsm paper and Acrylics on canvas.

About the artist


Born in Belgium to Greek parents, Sophia soon developed an aptitude and love of painting.

Her academic skills lay more in maths and physics, so instead of going to the Académie des Beaux-Arts in Paris, she studied Computer Engineering in Montreal, but never stopped painting and drawing, even taking art classes – and acing them – during her engineering degree.

She has lived in Greece, Belgium, Holland, Canada and the UK, and doesn’t really have a “from” or a “home” that she’s ever known. Sophia feels mostly at peace on a windy island in the cyclades, where she goes to swim, eat, sleep, read, and paint every summer. In some way, the blue sky and blue sea are her home, and they feature very prominently in her art.

Drawing and painting are her meditation, and she loves to paint tiny plein air scenes on her travels, and then work from photographs in her studio to remember the calmness of her getaways.

The first public exhibition of her art is at the Urban Art Fair, on Saturday 13th July 2024.

Sophia shares her ongoing artwork on instagram as

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